Tunnel Form Construction Technique

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What is Tunnel Form Construction Technique? In Tunnel Form Construction Technique contractors can cast slabs and walls in short cycle. It helps in combining the quality, speed and accuracy of off-site/factory production with the economy and flexibility of in-situ construction and Tunnel Form is recognised as a modern method of construction (MMC). With Tunnel Form

Top 21 Skills Needed for a Job in Civil Engineering after COVID-19

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Hello everyone! Hope you and your family are safe.  In this time of COVID-19 and lockdown, we are getting queries from civil engineering students and fresher civil engineers from all over the nation. There is a fear amongst fresher civil engineers, who have just passed their degree or diploma, also we have seen

How to make an effective fresher resume

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Most of the time, students and freshers are worried about how to make a resume with no experience at all. Well, you need not worry, because a resume with no work experience could be different from a normal resume, but it’s not impossible. In this article, we will discuss how to make an effective

Top 10 Skills Needed for a Job in Civil Engineering

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1. Technical Skills A good Civil Engineer should be equipped with technical skills such as identification and solving of civil engineering problems, in depth understanding of design techniques, and working with maps, drawings and models, as well as CAD software, applications of MS-Excel in Civil Engineering. Some of the must have technical skills include: Quantity Surveying

Why Internship is Important for Civil Engineering Students?

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In the last one decade, employability has been a prime issue of concern in India, especially in the field of engineering. Every year, out of all the engineering graduates, ~60% remain unemployed. Major reasons behind this are skill-gap and lack of practical knowledge. Both of these issues can be addressed with meaningful internships as