Civil engineering is getting creative, colorful and brighter everyday. In this article we will discuss about the Facade Lighting Technology at Burj Khalifa which has set new trends in the industry and of course the new world records. With a whooping height of 828 meters, Burj Khalifa is not just the tallest building of the world, but it is also the tallest LED screen in the world.

Prior to the inauguration of LED screen of Burj Khalifa, flood lighting has been the classical approach of lighting a building facade. With over 1.2 million LED lights on the facade, Burj Khalifa has set a new trend in the industry. Put together, the length of all LED strips on the facade of Burj Khalifa  is 33 kilometer. The massive screen required 10,000 connectors and 72 kilometers of cabling to cover a total area of 33,000 square meters.

Facade Lighting Technology at Burj Khalifa Setting-up a New Trend in Civil Engineering _Apaha Trainers and Consultants Pvt Ltd

In totality, the small LEDs of Burj Khalifa makes a large screen, forming a composite image of the photos or videos played on the laptop. The tiny LED lights are installed on the sides of the tower’s windows, in the form of thin plastic strips. These strips perfectly blend with the facade, even the tower’s residents are not aware that the lights are there. 

With this gigantic screen, Burj Khalifa hosts daily shows as well as special shows on special occasions like New Year and National Days on one side of its facade (which is facing Burj Lake in Downtown Dubai).

As the facade lighting is becoming a trend, we can see more than just traditional lighting when we look at the buildings at night. With improvements in technology, new technology is enabling better look with the facade lighting. Especially at places like Dubai, if you look at most of the Hotels, you will find an attractive facade lighting. Not only in case of some high-rise building, facade lighting can be seen at the villa, showroom, Govt. Building, corporate head office, mosque even the Hospital.

Professional Facade lighting contributes significantly in adding beauty and glamour to various structures.  It not only just light up the building, but it also affords an exceptional look to the building. 

Facade Lighting Technology at Burj Khalifa Setting-up a New Trend in Civil Engineering _Apaha Trainers and Consultants Pvt Ltd

During the earlier times, people were worried about the electrical power consumption of the brightness, but now with the emergence of LED technology, it has become easier to have facade lighting. LED technology is bringing down the price of electricity and it is also easy to set up and ready for immediate use.