What is Tunnel Form Construction Technique?

In Tunnel Form Construction Technique contractors can cast slabs and walls in short cycle. It helps in combining the quality, speed and accuracy of off-site/factory production with the economy and flexibility of in-situ construction and Tunnel Form is recognised as a modern method of construction (MMC).

With Tunnel Form technique we can create cellular reinforced structure and these type of structures have high quality surfaces that require only minimal finishing. In Tunnel Form technique the facades and walls can be easily completed with thermally insulated units that can be clad as required.

In short, the Tunnel Form technique creates an efficient load-bearing structure that can be used in a wide variety of applications. 


In which type of projects Tunnel Form Construction Technique can be used?

Tunnel Form Construction Technique is widely used in the construction of cellular structures that involve high degree of repetition such as:

  • Private Housings
  • Hotels
  • Hostels (Student Accommodation)
  • Prisons
  • Commercial Complex
  • High Rise Buildings

What are the benefits of using the Tunnel Form Construction Technique?

  • Smooth and fast operation – due to use of use of reinforcing mats/cages and prefabricated forms
  • Enhances quality of construction – precision of the formwork creates a smooth and high quality finish
  • Flexibility in design and layout – with the help of large bays constructed using tunnel form
  • Ensures higher standards of safety – edge protection systems, integral working platforms, minimal requirement for tools & equipment and predictable & repetitive nature of the tasks ensures higher standards of safety
  • Value for money – reduces transportation costs, near zero wastage, just-in-time deliveries, reduces labour requirement and fast construction leading to lesser cost of financing
  • Environment friendly – no wooden materials are used and also minimises heating costs & air-conditioning requirements in comparison to conventional buildings

What are the limitations of the Tunnel Form Construction Technique?

  • Tunnel Form is not suitable for small projects, and projects that involve huge variations in design
  • Initial investment of formwork and other machineries
  • In case of imported formwork finalisation of plan is required sa early as 5 to 6 months
  • In tunnel form system, skilled labor force is required in comparison to the traditional systems
  • Building design should be suitable for the system
  • Speedy construction demands high cash flow
  • In case of some geometrical forms and angles special formwork needs to be designed, this attracts additional cost to the project