Thousands of civil engineers graduate every year throughout the country, but all of them are not placed immediately after their graduation in civil engineering.  Many civil engineers have to struggle to get a good job after graduating. Well, this is the reality. But do you know “why freshers are facing challenges in getting a job?”

Well, it is because of the gap in education at the college level and industry expectations. Lack of practical knowledge is the key challenge freshers are facing nowadays and due to lack of practical knowledge freshers lask confidence.

We at Apaha Trainers and Consultants have helped more than 21000 civil engineers to bridge this gap and start a promising career as a civil engineer. The Post Graduate Program in Construction Project Management” by Apaha Trainers and Consultants is considered as the best job oriented course for civil engineers in Pune.

This Training & Paid Internship is essentially designed to equip Civil Engineers, Contractors, Builders, B tech/ Diploma/ M tech Students and Architects, with Project Management Skills. This Training & Paid Internship will not only help the participants to gain the skills, but it will also help in uplifting the pay scale & Career Development. Therefore it is considered as the ‘Best Job Oriented Course for Civil Engineers in Pune’.

Best Job Oriented Course for Civil Engineers in Pune For:

  • Civil Engineers
  • Final Year/ B.Tech/B.E Students
  • M.E/M.Tech/MBA
  • Contractors
  • Builders
  • Diploma Students
  • Architects

Best Job Oriented Course for Civil Engineers in Pune comes with   Certifications:

  1. PGP in Construction Management (ISO & International Accredited)
  2. Two Months paid Internship letter by company.
  3. Quantity Surveying , Project Planning , Project Billing  (ISO & International Accredited)

Highlights of Best Job Oriented Course for Civil Engineers in Pune:

  • Introduction & Reading Various types of drawings ( Structural, Architectural, MEP, Working)
  • Basics to advance concepts in Civil Engineering, units of measurements for various items.
  • Project Billing using MS-Excel.
  • Quantity Surveying using MS-Excel.
  • Project Planning & Management using MSP Software
  • Contracts & Tenders including e-tendering.
  • Land Surveying Site Training(Total Station, Auto-Level & Digital Auto-level)
  • Project Execution , Safety Management , Quality Management  (Site + Classroom)
  • Computer skills & Soft Skills
  • Live Project case study from start to finish.
  • Project Documentation & Material Management.
  • Two months Paid Internship
  • Assistance for Civil Engineering Jobs.

Best Job Oriented Course for Civil Engineers in Pune has got following Accreditations

  • Approved by International Accreditation Services 
  • Approved by International Accreditation Forum 
  • Approved by Emirates International Accreditation Centre
  • ISO 9001:2018 Certified Company


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