As the Indian Government is planning to invest over 100 Lakh Crore in the infrastructure sector by 2024, it’s really an era for civil engineers. It not only suggests that there would be a great scope for civil engineers who are already in the industry but also for the ones who are about to enter. With the right technical and soft skill in hand, the sky is the limit for civil engineers. 

While most of the civil engineers opt for a job and prefer to work in some of the great companies of the industry, others plan to test their skills and provide civil engineering services as independent entrepreneurs. 

In our previous blogs, we have discussed various aspects of w.r.t. civil engineering jobs. In this blog, we would like to discuss business opportunities for civil engineers. 

Being a Civil Engineer you have a wide range of opportunities to establish your business. Below are mentioning 40 different types of business ventures which you can pursue as a civil engineer. In this blog we are giving a list of different business ventures, however, you can let us know the business venture you are interested in and we would try to cover it in detail in our upcoming blogs.

  1. Construction Project Management Consultancy
  2. Turnkey & EPC Contracts
  3. Construction Estimation service
  4. Land surveying Contract
  5. Earthwork Contract
  6. RCC Contract
  7. Blockwork and Plastering Contract
  8. Painting Contract
  9. Flooring Contract
  10. Electrical Contract
  11. Plumbing Contract
  12. Aluminum Work Contract
  13. Manufacturing bricks and blocks
  14. Interior Decoration Services
  15. Road Contract
  16. Selling construction equipment
  17. Gathers Rental
  18. Maintenance of Roofs
  19. Selling Cement
  20. Manufacturing Roofing Materials
  21. Nail Production Business
  22. Embark on the Supply of Building Material
  23. Tiles and marbles manufacturing business
  24. Construction cleaning business
  25. Business of fixing POP
  26. Manufacturing gates and doors
  27. Wall Paper Fixing
  28. Business of Burglary Fixing (home and office safety)
  29. Borehole Drilling Business
  30. Garden and Landscaping Services
  31. Construction Equipment Rental Business
  32. Property Development Business
  33. Bitumen and Tar Supply
  34. Ceiling Production
  35. Water Closet and Ceramic Wares Production
  36. Safety Gadgets Production
  37. Aluminum Products Manufacturing
  38. Furniture Polishing Business
  39. Iron rods Supply
  40. Setting up Air conditioners
  41. Overhead and Underground Tanks Supply Business
  42. Freelance Civil Engineer

Let us know the business venture you are interested in and we would try to cover it in detail in our upcoming blogs.


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