Growing High Rise Buildings in Pune and Mumbai and Career Opportunities for Civil Engineers in High Rise Buildings

With 200+ skyscrapers and 12,000 constructed high-rise buildings (source: Hindustan Times), Mumbai has the highest concentration of high-rise buildings in India. Mumbai also have the 7th highest number of high-rise buildings in the world. Further, it also ranks number one for high-rises buildings under construction. With an increasing number of high rise buildings, Pune is following the footsteps of Mumbai. 

What is the importance of experience in high rise buildings for fresher civil engineers?

With increasing number of high rise projects, specially in Pune and Mumbai, the construction companies are hiring freshers who have some sort of exposure to high rise projects. Therefore having any type of practical working experience or internship on high rise project adds immense value to your portfolio and makes you more employable as a fresher civil engineer.

Get Trained in Construction Technologies used in High-Rise Buildings

Can you get an opportunity to work on a high rise project as a fresher in civil engineering?

Well, the answer is yes. You can work and learn about and on high rise projects  in multiple ways. At Apaha Institute of Construction Project Management we have placed a large number of students (both experienced and freshers) on high rise projects in Pune and Mumbai. Students of Apaha also got opportunities to work as an intern on high rise projects and last but not the least we at Apaha Institute of Construction Project Management conduct site visit on high rise projects to inculcate real time practical learning amongst the students.



Which course is best to get expertise in high rise buildings?

The Post Graduate Program in Construction Project Management by Apaha Institute of Construction Project Management is designed to equip you with the industry standards and latest technologies used in any kind of construction project, especially the high rise projects. Highlights of the training:

  • Introduction & Reading Various types of drawings ( Structural, Architectural, MEP, Working)
  • Basics to advance concepts in Civil Engineering, units of measurements for various items.
  • Quantity Surveying / Estimation using MS-Excel.
  • Project Billing using MS-Excel.
  • Project Planning & Management using MSP Software
  • Land Surveying Site Training (Total Station, Auto-Level & Digital Auto-level)
  • Contracts & Tenders including e-tendering.
  • High-Rise Site training on – Project Execution , Safety Management , Quality Management.
  • Project Documentation , Material & Vendor Management.
  • Computer skills & Soft Skills
  • Live Project case study from start to finish.
  • Two months Paid Internship on High-Rise Project.
  • Assistance for Civil Engineering Core Jobs.